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Good News! Three specialties from SYSMH named provincial key clinical specialties

Last updated:2024-04-03

Recently, the Provincial Health Commission released the 2023 provincial key clinical specialty construction projects in Guangdong Province. The department of geriatric, stomatology  and the department of ophthalmology in SYSMH were listed. At present, SYSMH has 15 national key clinical specialties, 26 key clinical specialties and 16 high-level key clinical specialties in Guangdong Province. SYSMH continuously evaluates and improves its medical performance through unparalleled technical excellence and caring profession delivered by the entire staff.

Specialty construction serves as the cornerstone of public hospitals' high-quality development. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, with the aim of transforming into a modern and intelligent hospital with robust comprehensive strength, SYSMH has prioritized the key clinical speciality construction project as a pivotal instrument to consistently bolster the relevant specialties. This initiative focuses on strengthening team-building, innovating service models, elevating technical proficiency, and exerting a radiating influence, thereby driving the overall enhancement of medical standards and service capabilities. It fosters the hospital's high-quality and connotative growth. Additionally, the newly added three provincial key clinical speciality construction projects are not only a testament to the collective efforts of all staff but also reflect the hospital's dedication to establish itself as a "world-class research hospital with Chinese characteristics."