Undergraduate Studies

Based on a century-old teaching tradition, we blend our historical richness, Dr. Sun Yat-sen's patriotism and medical ethics into undergraduate teaching. Adhering to "Three Basics and Three Stricts" medical teaching principles proposed by Professor Zhou Shoukai, we are keen to nurture outstanding minds, encourage academic excellence and foster clinical expertise.

For undergraduate students, we offer more than 2,000 hours of theoretical courses and multiple training programs each year. We also receive more than 1,000 undergraduate interns from Sun Yat-sen University and other colleges. Many achievements have been made in undergraduate teaching. For example, we have one national quality video open course, four provincial quality resource sharing courses and public courses. Since 2010, our faculty has edited four national textbooks. Currently, we have one national undergraduate practice teaching base construction project, one provincial teaching team, 31 provincial teaching reform projects, and 178 school-level various teaching reform projects. Mentored by our faculty, our undergraduate students have won the first place in the special prize of the National College Students' Clinical Skills Competition for four consecutive years.