Graduate Studies

The Postgraduate Department holds office by serving postgraduate and doctoral students and it undertakes a range of duties including students enrollment, training, graduation and employment management. Presently, we have more than 290 master’s tutors, 150 doctoral tutors and over 1050 full-time postgraduate student.

We set a high standard to consolidate the students resources and further implement several approaches to improve teaching skills. Programs such as the "Yixian Excellent Student Scholarship" and "Yixian Excellent Student Inspirational Scholarship" are set up to support students in their clinical training and research both home and abroad.

Postgraduate and doctoral students have access to a wide spectrum of learning opportunities, such as academic exchanges programs with financial support, which aim to enhance their clinical experience and professional perspectives. Students here are introduced to specialist knowledge and research skills through standardized residents training, as well as methodology and clinical skills courses

For the past years, more and more postgraduate and doctoral students have published high impact papers as the first author. Among the journals are Cell, Nature and Science. More than half of the doctoral graduates who stay at the hospital have received grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. We have a 98% pass rate of  National Completion Assessment for postgraduate students. In 2011, Dr. Yu Fengyan's dissertation was rated as one of the national top 100 theses, which was then a groundbreaking achievement in our hospital. To date, we have nurtured one academician, two The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and three National Natural Science Foundation--Outstanding Youth Foundation.